Legendary hip-hop producer DJ Quik is causing a stir on Twitter with his comments about Andre 3000. The Compton rap legend is accusing the OutKast member of allegedly spreading rumors that he had AIDS.

Over the course of two days, Quik hinted that he wasn't happy with Three Stacks and called him out on Twitter.

DJ Quik's quip (excuse the pun) of "Andre Badu" refers to Andre 3000's former relationship with Erykah Badu. Some rap fans believe that Three Stacks is under Badu's mojo, which may explain his eccentric style of music and fashion.

We hope that Quik's revelatory tweet doesn't start a rap feud. Hopefully, the two men can discuss this situation outside of social media circles.

Andre 3000 has yet to offer a public response to DJ Quik's allegations.

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