Vanilla Ice

Rappers & Their Favorite Cereal
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So a good bowl of cereal is a nice way to start off your morning. Now imagine your favorite rapper touting a popular cereal brand. That's the idea behind the Tumblr blog Rappers and Cereal...
'Ice Ice Baby'
What do Erin Brockovich, the Terminator and Pee Wee Herman have in common? They all had a hand in making a mash-up video of Vanilla Ice's 1990 smash hit 'Ice Ice Baby.'
Ice 'Goes Amish'
Vanilla Ice never stops finding ways to keep his name in the spotlight. This time around, he's "going amish" in a television show on the DIY Network.
Vanilla Ice, ‘Ice Ice Baby’ – Annoying Rap Songs
'Ice Ice Baby' is so annoying it haunts rapper Vanilla Ice until this day.
The rapper, 45, released the song when he was 16 years old. The track appeared on his debut album, 'To the Extreme.' Today, when he's mentioned in the press, the song is brought up as a reference, even…