After Meek Mill dropped his Cassidy diss song, 'Kendrick You Next,' the former battle rapper returns the favor with his response, 'Catch a Body (R.I.P. Meek).'

Cassidy, who's never afraid of a good battle, uses Canibus' 'Second Round K.O.' as the instrumental and spits lyrical vitriol at Mill for nearly eight minutes.

"You ain't nothin' like us / I'm the nicest / I was jumpin' in ciphers when you was in diapers," he raps.

He later adds, "I'm a legend / You know what I did already / Everybody know I bodied you in your crib already / I bodied you on every song that we ever made / Then I bodied you again when I put together 'Raid.'

The rhymer also throws lyrical darts at Meek's mother, his girlfriend, Rick Ross, his family and anyone associated with Milly. Yep, it's getting real ugly.

Even the cover art is grimy -- a grainy picture of a dead monkey. Good lawd!

We hope this lyrical diss-a-thon between Cassidy and Meek Mill stays on wax the Internet.

In a YouTube video that was filmed while Cass was in the studio recording 'Catch a Body,' the Philly rapper says dissing Mill is nothing but fun for him.

"It's so easy for me. It's no real competition because the n---- can't even rap," he says. "But just to show the streets that I'm still cookin' n----s, I put some s--- together to throw the dirt over the hole."

"It's called 'Catch a Body' because that's what I do -- I kill n----s," he continues. "Body bags, straight murder s--- all day every day ain't s--- changed."

What do you think? Who has the better diss song between Cassidy and Meek Mill? Tell us in the comments below.

Listen to Cassidy's 'Catch a Body' (Meek Mill Diss)

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