The Drake and Meek Mill feud is far from over at least from a fan’s perspective. Since Drizzy turned 29 years old today (Oct. 24), his fans are trolling Mill’s Instagram page with birthday wishes to the Toronto rap star.

Mill shared several photos from his performance at Powerhouse 30 concert in Philadelphia on Friday (Oct. 23). In almost all of the picture related to the event, fans have flooded his mentions with birthday shout-outs to Drake. Seriously, this is some vainglorious trolling going on here.

Hopefully, all of this will end at midnight (Oct. 25) and things can go back to normal.

Meanwhile, the Philly spitfire thew a couple of shots at Drake during his performance at Powerhouse Philly concert. Mill took a moment to address Drake's infamous line from his diss song, "Back to Back."

Mill said that the line "Is that a world tour or your girl's tour?" is not a diss because he's dating the hottest chick in the rap game.

The MMG rapper also joked that he will never get caught dancing like Drake win the "Hotline Bling" video. Mill added that real gangsters don't dance.

Check out the videos below and take a look at the vicious trolling in the photo above.

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