Meek Mill has been mysteriously quiet in the aftermath of his rap feud with Drake in 2015. But the MMG rhymer has popped up with a new EP, 4/4, which takes aim at the Toronto rapper, as well as 50 Cent.

The collection is Meek's first official release since unleashing his sophomore album in June of last year. On the EP, Meek felt the need to address a few things on his mind.

After sending subtle darts directed at Drake on "FBH" and "Pray For Em," the Philly native brings the heat in a big way on the last two tracks on the EP. Meek commandeers Drake and Future's What A Time To Be Alive song, "I'm da Plug," and delivers a few of the more prominent shots levied against his arch nemesis. He starts off by poking fun at Drizzy's island excursion with Bernice Burgos in comparison to his own rendezvous with her on a studio couch.

Meek also addresses the notorious "Back To Back" line, is that your world tour or your girl's tour?" jab with the sly retort "Was that my girl tour or the world tour? / I do not know what you p---- n----s goin' for / This that 100k a night when you perform tour/ Swimmin' in that good p---- while you on tour."

Drake isn't the only person to catch a few lyrical shots from Meek. On "Gave 'Em Hope," the "I'm a Boss" rapper aims his acidic lyrics at 50 Cent.

The G-Unit general, whom had a few things to say about Meek on Instagram in the aftermath of his back-and-forth with Drake, isn't called-out by name, but it's clear who the barbs are intended for if you read between the lines.

He begins by calling out an unnamed person that's been talking tough on Instagram before giving listeners a hint on who he's throwing lyrical darts at. "I got 50 reasons say you're taking d--- / And it's 50 reasons I should kill, n----," he raps after boasting that he's "got the richest chick, she from your hood."

Meek also chides Fiddy for affiliating with known informants in reference to him posing in a picture with the same groundskeeper that accused Rick Ross of kidnapping and assault.

"You know the game, if you cosign a rat, you forever a rat / We were never with that," he spits before taking the opportunity to clown 50's dwindling finances with the line "You tried to go 'Money' Mayweather with that paper, but now you in debt cause you never were that."

Listen to Meek Mill's 4/4 EP below.

Listen to Meek Mill's 4/4 EP

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