50 Cent is on the warpath and he is straight gunning for Meek Mill. After the Philadelphia rapper threw shots at the G-Unit leader on "Give 'Em Hope" from his just-released mixtape, 4/4, Fiddy is obliterating Meek on his Instagram page and it’s brutal to watch.

When it comes to delivering embarrassing photos on social media, no one does it better than 50 Cent. In several pictures, the "Many Men" rapper refers to Meek as a s---head and vows to destroy his rap career.

“Hey s---head. Your career is already over,” he writes. “You better focus on getting Nikki pregnant so you can at least get child support, girl.”


50 then posted another photoshopped picture of Meek wearing a woman's wig and announcing that his new name is "Meeka."

Meek responded on his IG account calling 50 Cent miserable and broke. In one photo, the "Tupac Back" rapper is in the studio and holding stacks of money in one hand.

In the caption, he writes, "U pop s--- on social media 24/7 ... U never in the places everybody b at.... The whole queens say you a rat.... Ross baby mom hit you for that check you sick .... Ross finished you "career over? How dare you speak on that? .... All you artist that came under you broke" ya son hate you smfh! Ya swag on below "0" lol hold up..... U always hating on puff and Hov other go getters from ya city...... U going broke and you miserable .... U really miserable bro.... You like 40 on the internet all day."

Unfortunately, fans of 50 Cent are also flooding his Instagram page with s--- emojis and hash-tagging him a "s---head." This is getting real serious folks.

Let's hope Meek Mill can recover from this feud. This is not going to end well for the MMG rhymer.

Check out 50 Cent’s hilarious photos and Meek Mill's responses below.

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