Yes, there is a town called Boring, situated in Oregon. But rappers B.o.B. and Santigold were determined to prove the little outpost in the middle of nowhere -- actually, 25 miles from Portland -- is anything but boring by performing there last night (April 3) for vitaminwater®.

As did indie rockers Matt & Kim, who also performed at Camp Kuratli at Trestle Glen, the location of the event. They joined Santigold during her encore, turning things into a par-tay. was front row at the venue, taking in the show.

B.o.B., with a trusty raccoon tail attached to his belt, performed a one-handed breakdance during 'Nothin' on You.' Boring, it was not. We also have the evidence, which you can view in the photo below. Bobby Ray certainly showed the locals some impressive gymnastics.

B.o.B's set list was as follows:

‘Nothin’ on You’
‘Strange Clouds’
‘Ray Bands’
‘Play for Keeps’
‘So Good’
‘We Still in This Bitch’

Santigold's set was heavy on the visual and stylistic elements, since her band dressed in white suits, leis and top hats with sideburns. Again, that's certainly not boring, to overuse the term. But then again, how can we not? It was in Boring!

Her dancers and backup singers wore tuxedo dresses and cat-eyed shades, and played with gold pom poms, umbrellas and lassos, the latter of which was needed to catch the white horse (!!!) running rampant on the stage.

The two united during her encore, with B.o.B. contributing the second verse of 'Shove It.'

Santigold's set list was as follows:

‘L.E.S Artistes’
‘The Keepers’
‘Disparate Youth’
‘Big Mouth’
‘Shove It’

More photos from the event are below, making you feel like you were there.

This post was produced in collaboration with our advertising partner vitaminwater®.

Hali McGrath, Townsquare Media
Hali McGrath, Townsquare Media
Hali McGrath, Townsquare Media
Hali McGrath, Townsquare Media
Hali McGrath, Townsquare Media