Earlier this month, B.o.B. and Santigold joined forces with vitaminwater® and invaded Boring, Ore., to make a town with a dull name into a place where some magic happened.

While on a first glance, Boring is no South Beach or Ibiza, but the innovative folks at vitaminwater® had the idea to bring some high-energy to the West Coast to liven things up a bit with the help of B.o.B. and Santigold in addition to Matt & Kim.

In the video below, Bobby Ray takes over the stage to perform his current hit 'We Still in This Bitch' and even does a one-arm handstand for some added enjoyment. Santigold has some gold pom-pom shaking cheerleaders to assist her during her set, making the singer's performance one to watch.

Looks like Boring is actually pretty brilliant.

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