B.o.B.'s ninth mixtape, 'Fuck 'Em We Ball,' is an all-out "turnt up" set, featuring T.I., Iggy Izalea, Kevin Hart, Mac Miller, Juicy J and a Barack Obama impersonator, whose voice sounds close enough to the real thing.

"Me and B.o.B. live by the same cree, F em we ball," the man with Obama's voice says on the mixtape's intro track.

On 'Still in This Bitch' featuring Juicy J and T.I., the three aren't letting up on their partying. They've been grindin' for a minute in this game, and their longevity isn't dying anytime soon either.

B.o.B. is only 24 and has many accomplishments but on 'Everythang,' he proclaims, "I'd done had too much success? / That's something that I'd never say." On the track, produced by the rapper and Osinachi, he wants it all but he keeps the self-reminder that it's family over everything. He also shows off with a slow and steady first verse and a faster flow on his second.

Not that he's really sounding any different than the next "bad" guy on 'When U Gon Let Me,' B.o.B. lets the lady he's pursuing know she's not loose if she gets it in on the first night. On this Zaire Koalo-produced song, he understands that every other dude is trying to just hit, but he wants something more.

And for the Iggy Azalea-assisted 'Best Friend,' the two tell a story about a chick who came to the club ready with an overnight bag in hand, looking to nab a baller and gets what she wants at the end of the night. B.o.B. describes her recklessly as, "tossing that box like shipping and handling."

'E.P.I.C. (Every Play Is Crucial)' was B.o.B.'s last mixtape, which dropped last year. He released his second studio album, 'Strange Clouds,' in May. No word on his third album, but he is currently in the works with his boss man T.I. for a collaborative LP titled 'The Man and the Martian.'

Download B.o.B.'s new mixtape here.

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