Action Bronson's long-awaited 'Saaab Stories' finally has a release date.

The Queens rapper and gourmand took to Twitter yesterday to share that the upcoming effort, helmed by producer Harry Fraud, is slated for June 11. "SAAAB STORIES JUNE 11TH. THAT'S IT...," shared Bam Bam.

Harry explained earlier this month that the duo has enough music recorded for two projects. “Right now we have enough material for two projects," he said. "We’re definitely going to do an LP. Right now it’s called 'Saaab Stories' -- Saab as in the automobile company. You can look out for it in the summertime. Already we’ve got records and features on there that are going to have people blown away at the fact that we’re working with these artists. We have s--- on there that they’re not even ready for. We got a lot of surprises.”

In addition to his new effort, Bronson's been on tour as a member of the 2013 XXL Freshman class. He just released a music video for 'Strictly 4 My Jeeps,' in which, among other things, he deftly cartwheels in his Astoria neighborhood.

Watch Action Bronson's 'Strictly 4 My Jeeps' Video

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