Sometimes artists perform in places outside of a music hall, stadium or club. From the middle of a public park to the subway station, some rappers and singers are up for spreading their lyrics no matter how random the place may be. So when VICE's Noisey asked Action Bronson to rap at an an old folks home in the U.K., he was more than enthused for the opportunity.

Set in St. Hilda's Community Centre in London, Bronson stood before a room full of senior citizens ready to perform 'Strictly 4 My Jeeps.' "This is about to be poppin'," he said. "I don't care about Coachella or anywhere in New York, the Garden. It don't matter."

Seconds after he got on the mic, each of the attendees started to close their ears one by one, taken aback by the heavy beats and, possibly, Bronson's explicit lyrics.

Midway through the performance, one of the women voiced her opinion of the show. "It's not my scene," she said sternly. "You can't understand what they're saying. It's far too quick. And it's far too loud."

Despite the negative reviews from the audience, the women did comment highly on Bronson's attractiveness -- one mentioned how she liked his beard and another saying, "he's quite handsome."

The clip ends with the seniors rating his performance, which left Bronson with an average score of 5.2. Perhaps he should try a softer track if he wants to perform at St. Hilda's again.

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