Fans are having the worst year when it comes to attending live performances by their favorite artists. First, Miguel did a drop kick on some poor woman’s head, then Rihanna hits a fan with her mic and now this. Action Bronson body slams a concertgoer. Say it ain’t so.

Action Bronson took the stage in Boston last night (June 28) and while performing 'Pouches of Tuna,' an eager fan got too excited and hopped up beside him.

The Queens emcee immediately turned into the Incredible Hulk and did a leg sweep on the fan. Then threw him back into the crowd.

The venue’s bodyguards quickly went after ‘Saab Stories' rhymer and the fan to make sure it would not escalate into something more. But Bronson just continued on with the show, performing like nothing even happened.

Of course there is video evidence of the incident and it's showcased in every angle you can imagine.

No word on if the fan will sue after the incident. Word to the wise: don't jump onstage during a rapper's performance.

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