50 Cent is not just a rapper, he is a shrewd businessman. On the latest episode of 'Larry King Now,' the New York rapper talked about his business acumen, rap music and growing up in Queens.

During the interview, Fiddy revealed how he discovered VitaminWater and how it made him a rich man. "I wanted to sell water," 50 recalls, telling his late friend and manager Chris Lighty of the idea.

After spotting people drinking the beverage at a Los Angeles gym, he wanted to invest in the flavored drink. 50 ended up financing 10 percent into the company. A few years later, Coca-Cola buys the company for $4.1 billion and 50 walks away with a windfall rumored to be around $100 million. (Side note: A more detailed story about the VitaminWater deal can be found in Dan Charnas' book, 'The Big Payback: The History of the Business of Hip-Hop.')

"I had to sign a non-disclosure agreement so I can't tell you how much I made, but I can show you all of my teeth," 50 says with a huge smile from ear to ear.

Elsewhere in the interview, 50 discloses that he has no interest in seeing his biological father who he hasn't known since he was a kid. He also talks about growing up in Queens and being shot nine times. The 'Get Rich or Die Trying' rapper even discusses the music industry and how he ran his successful G-Unit label.

When asked if he believes in life after death, 50 Cent replied, "No."

"Life after death? That sounds like a Biggie Smalls album," he adds.

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