50 Cent is solidifying his brand in the world of television with the announcement of a new Fox comedy series he's producing called "My Friend 50."

The 40-year-old rapper will produce the series alongside Will Packer (producer of Straight Outta Compton and several Kevin Hart movies), but he won't be the star of the show. Instead, it will follow an "unstable" 20-something Amanda Kramer who "believes that joining 50 Cent’s entourage is the answer to all her problems," according to Deadline.

"Her unlikely journey with 50 Cent’s crew takes the form of a bizarre documentary commissioned by the most unreliable narrator in history: Amanda," continues the show description on the entertainment site.

Fifty will make an appearance on the show from time to time though -- although rather than playing himself, he'll be playing a version of himself.

With the Starz hit show, Power, under his belt, 50 is on a roll. The second season of the drama series nabbed the title of the network's most watched original show with an average of 6.8 million viewers.

The G-Unit leader also slated to work on a few more projects with Starz.

"Starz has been the perfect partner to make Power the success that it is and I am looking forward to developing many more record-breaking series with them,” he said.

Although with the new show, he may have to lay off the jokes against Empire since it's also on Fox.

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