Albums leaking are the norm in today's hip-hop. From technology to cats being thirsty to be the first to get that highly anticipated album before it officially drops, full albums have been hitting the net weeks ahead of schedule. Many artists say they don't care about album sales. You believe that if you want to, but they care, and the record label executives signing their checks care.

The latest rapper to get bitten by the leak bug is A$AP Rocky. With his long awaited debut, 'Long.Live.A$AP,' currently on store shelves, fans can go get that and hear Pretty Flacko's New York swag mixed with that southern trill flow -- that is if they haven't downloaded the album already. 'Long.Live.A$AP' leaked onto the internet in its entirety more than a month before the Jan. 15 release date.

As one of the most talked about leaked albums so far in 2013, we're taking a look back at the 10 greatest rap albums that experienced the early leak.

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