Now that we know that 2 Chainz was, in fact, robbed at gunpoint, the rapper's bodyguard has spoken out about the incident.

In an interview with Columbus, Ohio radio station Power 107.5, Chainz's personal bodyguard, Hammer Strength, gave a detailed description of what happened Sunday (April 9) in San Francisco.

"We went downtown to San Francisco -- it’s broad daylight, like 4:30 in the afternoon," he says. "People were walking around and everything -- all of a sudden three dudes just jumped out with huge guns, .357 Magnums. They pointed the guns at us and we was like ‘Whoa!’ We thought it was a joke for a minute."

"Then all we heard was, ’2 Chainz give it up.’ So we like stood there and didn’t do anything, and we kinda like froze, ’cause we wanted to see if this was real," he continues. "All of a sudden, the next thing you know, 2 Chainz kinda like backed up a little bit. And then [the robber] said, ‘Give it up. Give it up.’ And then all of a sudden [2 Chainz] took off. He took off running first. When he took off running, we took off running. Then all of a sudden these dudes, they just start shooting. I don’t know where they shot at."

Mr. Strength said that the gunman only took 2 Chainz's wallet and cell phone and didn't steal any of his gold jewelry or bracelets that he was wearing.

"The bottom line is, man, it was a setup. We know it was a setup so, that’s why he told the police we will handle it," he said.

We are happy that 2 Chainz and his entourage are safe and didn't get injured during the incident.

Although, we have to say, with a name like Hammer Strength you would think he could have used his "hammer strength" against the assailants, but we digress.

In the meantime, 2 Chainz is set to embark on the America's Most Wanted Musical Festival tour in July.