It's no secret that Jay Z is into art, especially Jean-Michel Basquiat -- he recently surprised producer and longtime friend Swizz Beatz with a gift by the famed artist. His new album, Magna Carta Holy Grail,' even has a track dedicated to the one and only Picasso.

One can only wonder if Hov appreciates the different kinds of art his biggest fans create to celebrating the life of their favorite rapper. found some of the most creative and different art pieces featuring Jay Z. They may not scream 'Picasso Baby,' but they do show a new way to appreciate one of the best artists of all time.

This piece of art is like something out of 'Star Wars' movie or Neptunes album cover. The artist uses the universe to show probably the biggest star on the planet at the moment -- Jay Z. The colorful lines? It could also stand for the floating dash in the ever-changing style of his name.

Rinat Shingareev

Remember when Jay Z was hanging out with Jaz-O? One of the coolest pieces of art comes from the beginning of Hova's career. Before the Roc-A-Fella fame, before the commission, but during time he was screaming "Aloha" in 'Hawaiian Sophie.'


This is the Hov we've come to know and love. The hat to the side with chin resting on his hands and a mean mug on his face. This look has become the image that pretty much sums up Jay Z in one photo. We just thank the artist for not drawing the 'Kingdom Come' album cover instead.

Nate Van Dyke

Here is a pretty cool portrait of Jay Z as he performs for his fans. Exaggerating some of his more distinct features, the artist keeps the spotlight on the rapper as he spits his verses with a suit on, ala the 'Reasonable Doubt' era.

Nikki Cooper

This next piece comes from the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival where somebody decided to paint this nice piece of Jay Z. It's cool when you can see art and music together in one place.


How many ways can you write Brooklyn? As many times as it takes to create Jay Z. The biggest challenge is counting how many times Jay's hometown is listed before you create a full figure.


Ever wonder what Jay-Z would look like in a video game? Well, this portrait gives you the best idea, as he stands in front of the Marcy Projects where he grew up. Maybe this scene will be on the next installment of 'Grand Theft Auto.'

Twin Brand

Jay Z's best quality as a performer is showcased here. The artist uses a variety of colors to highlight him captivating the crowd with a mic in hand. Decked out with his shades, Roc-A-Fella chain and a leather jacket, this would be a cool piece to hang in a studio.

Lourna Stokes

Pop art isn't dead. This cool design shows a cut out of the Brooklyn rhymer's face with a backdrop of New York City used as his body. Combine this with a pop of blue and this has a Andy Warhol feel to it.


The cigar, shades and watches are all a symbol of what Jay Z is -- cool, calm and rich. This crazy piece uses reds, blues and black to form the 'Holy Grail' emcee. Plus there's some exaggeration of his nose and chin. We wonder if Beyonce would have been attracted to this version of Jay.

Josh Little