The aftermath of Kendrick Lamar's 'Control' verse included a tidal wave of critical review and a number of responses, although none of them came from any of the artists the Compton, Calif., native named in his verse. Rappers like Big Sean and now A$AP Rocky both name-dropped by Lamar -- responded via interviews, however, the latter isn't too pleased with his 'F---in' Problems' collaborator's "King of New York" proclamation.

Rocky, a Harlem, N.Y., native, jokingly showed he was taken aback by Lamar's claim when he and the A$AP Mob stopped by Hot 97 to speak with Funkmaster Flex.

"That King of New York s---, you're smoking crack. You crazy," the 'Long. Live. A$AP' creator said with a smirk.

"What's a king to a Lord," A$AP Ferg chimed in, referring to his debut album title and his lifestyle.

Rocky went on to praise Lamar for being aggressive enough to make the claim in the first place.

"Honestly though, K. Dot and them n----s, that's family. I think hip-hop need this s---. N----s who's pissed off just because they wasn't mentioned ... The n---- didn't say nothing about nobody's mother, n---- didn't say he wanted the five minutes from nobody, he ain't say he want no problems. He said, 'These are my n----s, and I'm letting y'all know there's competition. What's the problem?

The A$AP leader even spoke about the multitude of disses from rappers many say aren't even relevant to the conversation. "It's not about being relevant or not because hip-hop is not about relevance. It's all about the sport; it's all about the culture," he shared.

He noted the A$AP Mob isn't too bothered by Lamar's words, not that they should be with Ferg's 'Shabba' and 'Hood Pope' being summer highlights.