25 Artists Who Surprisingly Haven’t Won a Grammy
Winning a Grammy Award is deemed as a major achievement for many music artists. However, as we've seen time and time again, selling out shows and topping the Billboard charts doesn't mean that's enough to win a golden gramophone or earn a nomination. This is especially true in hip-hop…
Top 10 Tupac Songs
In his 25 years on this earth, ‘Pac recorded more songs than probably any artist ever. While it was difficult to choose just 10 from his catalog, TheDrop.fm found the tracks that impacted in various ways.
10 Rap Lyrics That Predicted the Future
Many rappers have prided themselves on "speaking the truth," or giving non-fiction depictions of their lives. Sometimes though, rap verses transcend realness and border on eerily prophetic. There may be no modern Nostradamus, but rappers are the next best thing. Here are 10 Rap Lyrics That…
Top 10 Jay-Z Songs
We compiled the hits (and some b-side classics), where Jay was truly on his A-game. When is he not, though? Here's the top Jay-Z songs.

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