Hip-hop may have been born in the Bronx but it found its swag in Brooklyn.

The borough, nicknamed "the Planet," has been home to some of the genre's brightest stars and has played a integral role in the development of rap music since the 1980s. Emcees like the Notorious B.I.G. and Jay-Z can take credit for making the city of Brooklyn bigger than life in music, but there are a number of other wordsmiths that have paid homage to the borough of Kings in their own way.

From Coney Island to Flatbush to East New York, rappers know what it is when Brooklyn is on a track -- hometown pride and maybe a bit of arrogance come into play. It's all just a part of calling the Planet home. Check out TheDrop.fm's Top 10 Brooklyn-Inspired Rap Songs.

Speaking of Brooklyn, the East Coast location is just one stop on Alicia Keys' Set the World On Fire tour. The songstress is currently on her worldwide trek and wants to get to know her fans in every city. She's asking fans to send in photos of themselves in their cities, and with those photos, she will create a new music video for her song 'Hallelujah' in every city on her tour. To submit your photos to the 'Your City, Your Video' project, go here. The next deadline for photo submissions for the tour dates in Chicago and Nassau, Bahamas is Mon., April 8. The submission period for dates prior to that has closed.