On season two's second episode of 'T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle,' Tip's sister Precious suggests to Tiny that Major should strike out on his own, leaving his mom's bed and get his own. At first Tiny doesn't want to hear it, but after seeing her little boy go nuts over getting his own bed, how can she refuse.

While Major is out getting his new bed with Tiny and Precious, T.I, Domani and King are back at the house helping their dad get ready for his 'Addresses' video shoot. Hyped off of what the outcome may be, King asks if he can come along. Tip gives them a parental "nah" because some of the images in the video are not appropriate for children to be around.

Good parenting on T.I.'s part, but that wasn't gonna stop the boys from crashing the shoot. King and Domani find a way down to the video shoot, which has fake guns on a pool table, and other images that aren't appropriate for kids to be around. Tip was pissed to see his youngins strolling in calmly to his set.

King is so enamored by what he sees. Sitting next to Young Dro on a couch, King begins to ask the P$C member about being a gangster. Dro begins to tell him why he shouldn't want to live that lifestyle and there's a short life expectancy.

After kicking the boys off the set and sending them home, Dro lets T.I. in on his exchange with King. "He never had a project day in his life," T.I. says. "He's gonna have to drink some sugar water and eat some mayonnaise sandwiches before he becomes a gangster." Don't forget about syrup sandwiches and quarter juices, Tip.

Back at the house, being a father, T.I. sits his kids down and explains to them why they shouldn't want to become gangsters and why that life isn't cool. Crushing King's dreams of becoming a trapstar, T.I tells his kids not to aspire to be what most rappers rhyme about in their lyrics.

After giving them the proverbial "sit on dad's lap and let me explain this to you," Tip instinctively switches into stern daddy mode. "You ain't gonna have to deal with them, you're gonna have to deal with me. Not T.I., pops," the rappers tells his children. A stern and forceful warning right after fatherly advice. Sounds like T.I. has this fatherhood thing on lock.

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