On last night's episode of 'T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle,', King finds himself putting pen to paper in writing a love letter to get a girl's affection. In what might seem cute, puppy love, T.I. and Tiny don't take any chances and nip this one in the bud.

Calling a girl a "beautiful woman" at 8 years old is a bit much, and should raise some red flags for most parents, as it did with the Harris'. Not to worry though, Tip pulled his son to the side and put him on the game.

T.I.'s message to King was clear: you can't fall in love with everything you see, and take your time, there's no rush. “As a young man you are going to have your picks and chooses of the young ladies out there,” T.I explains. "You’re still in the beginning process of learning.”

Putting things in perspective, King is only 8, and has a long life ahead of him to chase girls, not go out writing love letters and going the Keith Sweat route in trying to sweep them off their feet this early. But knowing T.I., the King of the South keeps it all the way G saying, “It would be a damn shame to have a Harris man walking around with no balls.” Church.

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