On ‘The Voice,’ Usher performed his hot new single, Sasha Allen sang a Whitney Houston song and the Swon Brothers get a little rock and less country.

The episode kicked off with a fun and lively performance from one of the main coaches, Usher, who sang and danced to ‘Twisted,’ off his latest album, ‘Looking 4 Myself.’ The singer went retro with his James Brown moves and was accompanied by four male dancers dressed in red suits and the ladies wore Josephine Baker-esque outfits.

The contestants also went back to their hometowns and reunited with their families, receiving a warm welcome from their relatives and locals. Each performed two songs and they were able to dedicate one to someone close to them. Michelle Chamuel dedicated 'Time After Time' to her mentor and coach, Usher.

Michelle really shined during ‘Time After Time,’ as she began the song with the usual slow-tempo, melancholy essence and then, out of nowhere, she pumped her fist and it was an entirely different feel.

The Swon Brothers didn’t dig deep to find traditional country tunes this time around. They went rock with their twang. Performing ‘Turn the Page,’ originally done by Bob Segar, the duo turned into rock stars in front of our eyes, with sparks flying and fire popping up during their performance. They weren't in Kansas anymore with that show.

Their second performance really showcased that the Brothers are actually great singers, singing ‘Danny’s Song’ with just a piano. It was a nice change from the duo.

Sasha Allen, aka Sasha Fierce, continued to evolve as a true star on the show. Her first song choice was the iconic Whitney Houston ballad ‘I Will Always Love You.’ Sasha didn’t try to imitate or over-sing; she glazed over the notes beautifully and looked like she was singing from heaven, dressed in a white gown with white smoke surrounding her.

Then she sexed things up with ‘Bad Girl’ by Donna Summer, even showcasing some booty-popping dance moves. She really showed she can be a true pop artist by singing and dancing and taking that chance.

Amber Carrington had been riding high with really great song choices but she sunk after picking Katy Perry’s ‘Firework.’ She just didn’t have the pizzazz for it. But Amber came back with covering a song by her coach Adam Levine’s band Maroon 5. She chose ‘Sad’ and performed great according to Adam, who proclaimed, “You sang it better than I did.” She sure did!

As for Danielle Bradbery, as cute and talented as she is, she’s like clockwork with her performances. She really hasn’t taken a chance in the competition and apparently it has worked for her. Her place was saved and she sang ‘Please Remember Me’ and ‘Who I Am.’

Two contestants will be booted off next week. It’s going to be a tough one to choose who goes home since all of the contestants really have a strong presence on the show.

Watch 'The Voice' Season 4, Episode 24

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