Last night on 'The Voice,' one of the most popular contestants was booted off, Usher revealed one of his fetishes and why he continues to wear those glasses.

Not everyone can sing an EDM song and case in point, the first group performance with Michelle and Judith singing Calvin Harris’ ‘Sweet Nothing.’ Their range just didn’t fit in such a dance-infused song. As a result, their set just fell flat.

After that cringeworthy performance, Michelle Chamuel was announced as a saved contestant in the top 6 and moved to the next round. Usher, her coach, was elated for this news, as she’s the only member on his team. He revealed he wears his thick glasses to support Michelle in the competition.

The Swon Brothers and Sasha Allen then performed Jason Aldean's 'Don’t You Wanna Stay.' It was great to see the brothers step outside the country arena and sing a rock ballad. As for Sasha, she really can sing in any genre.

Danielle Bradbery and Sarah Simmons moved into 'A Thousand Years,' a song by Christina Perri. Sarah really has a beautiful voice when she’s not screeching like Janis Joplin, however, Danielle was a little pitchy throughout the performance. Yet, Danielle was added to the top 6.

During the “let's get to know the contestants and judges,” segement Usher confessed his guilty pleasure is feet -- he has a foot fetish. Good to know!

Sasha Allen is saved and Shakira legit went crazy. She is the Latina pop star's only remaining member on her team.

Holly Tucker and Amber Carrington gave a sweet performance of ‘Does He Love You?’

In the end, the Swon Brothers stuck around for the next round and Amber Carrington and Holly Tucker moved on to complete the top 6. The shock of the night was Judith Hill, who was sent home along with Sarah Simmons.

The top 6 will perform live in the quarterfinals next week.

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