The-Dream is ready to unveil his newest offering to R&B, his fifth solo LP 'IV Play.'Fans of the singer-songwriter can rejoice in finding that he's finally set a release date for May 28.

But they won't have to wait very long for a taste of what 'IV Play' has in store -- the Def Jam exec plans on dropping the video for the lead single, 'Slow It Down,' on April 2.

The-Dream also revealed the artwork for both the regular and deluxe covers -- the regular is coal black with a fiery number '4' paired with the universal symbol for "play." The deluxe features the same graphic against a crisp white background.

The Grammy-winning artist also hinted recently at 'IV Play' being his last commercial LP, citing that he'd prefer to be creative and inspirational through his music than clinically creating a label-approved body of work.

Def Jam
Def Jam

“May be Last commercial release….. I’d rather release 3 albums a year to musically move the needle than to wait years for a ‘Proper Release,’” he tweeted.

“So after IV PLAY in May expect more music. I don’t care about the numbers I just rather Kill music from a somber place. Love Forever.”








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