Talib Kweli is known for creating music that looks into social and political issues, but that doesn't mean that the Brooklyn rapper has no sense of humor. The 'Attack the Block' performer recently showed up for 'Conversations with a Twitter Feed,' which features his humorous side and some witty comments on a random selection of tweets from comedy actor and sometimes musician Steve Martin.

When Martin wrote, "No more male delivery on Saturday. Sorry cougars!" Kweli responds with, "Steve, I'm surprised you're being so sexist. It's a statistical fact that by the time a woman is 20, three out of five of them will be referred to as 'pussy cat,' 'kitten,' 'black panther,' 'cougar' or the worst of them all, 'tiger mom.' Steve, join the fight against feline-zation of women."

Then Martin's call to get everyone to use exclamation points throughout the whole day inspires this response. "Steve, what are you? A Belieber? Only people who talk like that are like pop artists or like party promoters during their birthday parties. It's not your birthday, Steve. Calm down."

And when we thought Kweli was out of material, he had the best answer for Martin's question about where the last human sacrifice took place. "Yes Steve, I missed the secret Illuminati meeting, too," Kweli said. "I don't know what you were you doing, but I'm going to go link up with Jay-Z and Kanye and hopefully they can put me on and let me know what's going on with those sacrifices."

Jokes aside, Kweli's fifth studio album, 'Prisoner of Conscious' is out now.