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'Black Star' Turns 15
Hip-hop was at a very hectic place in the late '90s. The genre lost both Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G. because of violence; there was a schism growing. Hip-hop was quickly moving away from the street narratives, urban tales and social activism to favor its rise to mainstream. People didn't want …
Best Hip-Hop Fan Art
The way rappers string their words together with such flow and fluidity is a great art form. And for the fans who adore their work, their rhymes have become a source of inspiration.
While some loyal supporters are inspired to become lyricists themselves, others show their devotion by putting paint or…
'Come Here'
Rapper Talib Kweli takes a different approach for his visual for 'Come Here,' his tender rap ballad featuring Miguel. The Brooklyn rhymer presents an animated video that is both colorful and interesting to watch.
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Talib Kweli is known for creating music that looks into social and political issues, but that doesn't mean that the Brooklyn rapper has no sense of humor.
Rapper Talib Kweli has released the tracklisting for his upcoming album, 'Prisoner of Consciousness.' The album was expected to arrive in stores on April 23 but the release date has been pushed back to May 7.
'Come Here'
Talib Kweli comes through with a soulful new single titled 'Come Here,' which caters to the ladies. The romantic song also features the tender falsettos of Grammy-winning singer Miguel.
We don't think Mack Maine and Lil Wayne are celebrating right now so this video is a little ill-timed to say the least. Nevertheless, while Weezy is recuperating from his recent seizures, here's a video for the uplifting anthem 'Celebrate.'
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Talib Kweli played a sold-out show with his full live band at S.O.B’s, in his hometown of New York City last night (Jan. 20).

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