Lil B

Women's Rights
Ever wondered what Lil B’s thoughts on women’s rights were? Well, he not only stands behind Texas Senator Wendy Davis -- a state senator in Texas who became an Internet sensation due to a filibuster on a restrictive abortion bill that put the Texas Legislature to a ha…
Twitter Feud
Rapper Joey Bada$$ recently deleted his Twitter account after Lil B's fans (aka the "Task Force") inundated his timeline with Based God chatter. This in response to the New York emcee's rap feud with the Bay Area rapper.
Diss Song
If you thought Joey Bada$$ wasn't going to respond to Lil B's diss song 'I'm the Bada$$,' think again. The Brooklyn rapper dropped a retaliatory track called 'Don't Quit Ya Day Job' today.
Rap Feud
Rappers Lil B and Joey Bada$$ engaged in a war of tweets on Twitter today (Jan. 29) after the Based God dropped his diss song, 'I'm the Bada$$.'