Ever wondered what Lil B’s thoughts on women’s rights were? Well, he not only stands behind Texas Senator Wendy Davis -- a state senator in Texas who became an Internet sensation due to a filibuster on a restrictive abortion bill that put the Texas Legislature to a halt -- but he also took time out of his busy schedule to open up on his stance on abortion with Rolling Stone Magazine.

The Based God, who has an immense amount of swag, is basically a feminist to the max. On Tuesday night (June 25), Davis launched a heroic 13-hour filibuster on abortion rights, but by midnight, Republican lawmakers passed a bill to ban most abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Her efforts were supported by the 'I'm Gay' creator, who tweeted to his 700,000 followers, “SHOUT OUT TO WENDY DAVIS STAY #BASED AND POSITIVE! FIGHT FOR WOMENS RIGHT!”

Why does he stand behind Senator Davis? “I support Wendy Davis, and I stand with her. When politicians try to restrict women’s rights, it hurts," he tells Rolling Stone. “It's up to a woman how she wants to bring a child into the world, or if she wants to continue with her life and mature more and bring a child in when she's ready. It needs to be an option.”

He explains that men and the government should not have a say in what women decide to do with their own bodies. “When it's a bunch of men voting on women's rights, I don't know, how can a man really understand that? I'm not going to feel a woman's pain and what she goes through," Lil B states. "Observing from my perspective, and seeing what I see, I think women should definitely have full control over their bodies.”

Susan B. Anthony would be so proud to hear these empowering thoughts from the Bay Area rapper. Can we start calling him Lil Feminist Based God instead?

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