Rapper Joey Bada$$ recently deleted his Twitter account after Lil B's fans (aka the "Task Force") inundated his timeline with Based God chatter. This in response to the New York emcee's rap feud with the Bay Area rapper.

Although his Twitter account has been deleted, you can still see a record of Joey's final hate-filled tweets on his Facebook page. Some of it is not repeatable as it does contain homophobic remarks but the Pro Era rapper did make a couple of threats. "I just wanna snuff somebody and delete my Twitter," he wrote on his timeline (courtesy of Rap Dose).

"Come to my face with that taskforce s--- ill punch u in ya throat," he added. "N----s is fake."

Since Joey's Facebook page is still active, the Task Force has now flooded his timeline with Lil B videos. It's sort of funny and sad at the same time. Internet bullying is a major issue amongst teens on social media. So it's unfortunate to see this being played out with such a young and influential rapper like Joey Bada$$.

In an interview with MTV News, Joey felt he was the victor in his ongoing rap beef with the Based God. "I really didn't have to respond, I don't feel so, but I just did it," he says. "I don't know why … [Actually] it's too easy, that's what it is. It's too easy, so I thought, 'Why not?' I'm just flexing my skill on him."

Joey may have won the lyrical battle but he didn't win the war, just yet.

Watch Joey Bada$$'s Interview With MTV News

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