India Arie

Exclusive Photos
By the time artists come out with their fifth album, they're usually familiar with the hype and don't necessarily act as excited as they once were when their debut LP arrived. But not India.Arie.
'Cocoa Butter' Video
In this simplistic visual, India.Arie is a damsel in distress and putting the pieces of her broken heart back together after a failed relationship.
Skin Color Debate
India.Arie has responded to the accusations that she lightened her skin, which stemmed from for the cover art of her latest single, 'Cocoa Butter.' The image has generated a heated discussion about how dark-skinned women are presented in the media.
Lighter Skin?
India.Arie is causing a stir on the Internet and it's not over her new single, 'Cocoa Butter.' The Twitterverse has erupted over the R&B songbird's appearance on the cover art for the song
India.Arie, ‘Cocoa Butter’ – Must-Have 2013 Songs
India.Arie is one of those artists that we're so glad has come back with new material in 2013. And her new track, 'Cocoa Butter,' off her upcoming LP, 'SongVersation,' is one of those songs that reminds of us of why we fell in love with her in the first place...
Release Date
India.Arie has been laying low for some time now -- it's been four years since the singer-songwriter dropped her last commercial album, 'Testimony Vol. 2: Love & Politics,' but now she's preparing to return to the soul genre with her fifth offering, 'SongVersation.&a…
New Song
It's been a long time -- way too long -- since we've heard any new music from India.Arie. So what a surprise to hear the Grammy-winning songbird's new single, 'Cocoa Butter.'