India.Arie is causing a stir on the Internet and it's not over her new single, 'Cocoa Butter.' The Twitterverse has erupted over the R&B songbird's appearance on the cover art for the song

International Business Times has brought to our attention that Arie's complexion appears to look lighter than her own brown skin and people are upset about it.

Arie is known for her empowering songs about black beauty and self-image like 'Brown Skin' and 'I Am Not My Hair,' so lightening her skin would be something she would reject wholeheartedly, right?

"Honey, how come you're light skinned on your new single 'Cocoa Butter'?" asked one follower.

Chicago rapper Rhymefest has been outspoken about India.Arie's alleged transformation on her artwork. He's been tweeting non-stop about how the Grammy-winning singer is misrepresenting herself with this new image.

India Arie
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"The woman who said she loved my pretty brown skin lightened hers up for what reason? I'm actually hurt," he tweeted, looking for answers from Arie herself. "You may not reply to me on twitter but I'm concerned because of what you mean to my daughter."

"I hope her music sells. I like her message but lookin like Alicia Keys isn't the way; nothing's wrong with dark skin," he added.

Not everyone is convinced that Arie lightened her skin on the cover and think Rhymefest is overacting. "India Arie got on the wrong color foundation and too much nose contouring and some fellow named Rhymefest is losing his mind over it," wrote one commentator.

According to TMZ, sources close to Arie have told them that her skin appears lighter on the 'Cocoa Butter' cover art because of the camera flash and angle. They also add that the "bleaching" criticism is ridiculous, and she would never lighten her skin.

India.Arie's new album, 'SongVersation,' arrives in stores June 25.

What do you think? Did India.Arie lighten her skin on the cover of her latest single, 'Cocoa Butter'? Tell us in the comments below.

Listen to India.Arie's 'Cocoa Butter'

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