By the time artists come out with their fifth album, they're usually familiar with the hype and don't necessarily act as excited as they once were when their debut LP arrived. But not India.Arie.

She was filled with wide-eyed excitement at her 'SongVersation' album release show Tuesday night (June 26) at the Rubin Museum in New York City.

"I have a habit of saying what I think because otherwise I won't be able to function for the rest of the show," she told the audience after performing her first song of the night, 'Back to the Middle,' from 2001's 'Acoustic Soul.' "My album came out today! I'm beyond overjoyed really, and ... shoot I knew I was going to cry. I mean the other thing is when your album comes out, you go really hard that day. We've been up since 3 AM."

Arie treated the crowd to a sampling of what to expect from 'SongVersation,' including her single, 'Cocoa Butter,' 'Songbird Rise,' 'One,' '6th Avenue,' 'Just Do You' and 'Break the Shell,' a song that was inspired by a conversation she had with Cicely Tyson. The entire event was like a family reunion as her mother was present cheering her on -- proudly -- as well as her longtime collaborators Shannon Sanders and Blue Miller.

Everyone could feel the joy in the room, especially Roberta Flack who encouraged India.Arie to inform everyone that her new LP took the top spot on the R&B chart and was (at that moment) No. 3 on the pop chart on iTunes. "You already made me cry," the legendary 'The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face' singer exclaimed after Arie mentioned that she would start tearing again (like everyone else at the venue that night).

The singer proved that despite being a Grammy-winning, well-renowned artist, she is still that same girl following her musical destiny and is grateful for having the opportunity to share her gift with everyone. And 'SongVersation' shows us why she's back better than ever.

Emily Tan,
Emily Tan,

Watch India.Arie's 'Cocoa Butter' Video