Busta Rhymes

Rappers Predicting the Future
Many rappers have prided themselves on "speaking the truth," or giving non-fiction depictions of their lives. Sometimes though, rap verses transcend realness and border on eerily prophetic. There may be no modern Nostradamus, but rappers are the next best thing. Here are 10 Rap Lyrics That…
New Video
Busta Rhymes finally drops his video for 'Twerk It,' his dancehall-inspired booty anthem. And yes, there are plenty of ladies twerking their butts to the wind-and-grind tune.
Sneak Peek
Nicki Minaj gets to twerk for real in Busta Rhymes' video for the '#Twerkit' remix. In a behind-the-scenes clip, we watch as Minaj records her verse and then shoots the video the following day.
Vote in Our Rap Battle
While Action Bronson put up a good fight with 'Strictly 4 My Jeeps', Wu-Tang Clan's 'Family Reunion took over last week's Rap Battle and won. The race was close, however, Bronson's 45.71 percent just couldn't overtake the Wu's 54.29 percent.
This Is the Remix
Busta Rhymes' latest single, '#Twerkit,' gets some added star power by way of Nicki Minaj. The Queen Barbz jumps on the Pharrell Williams-produced banger and, like she does on most features, outshines the main artist.
'Twerk It'
Busta Rhymes returns to the rap game with a banger that's tailor-made for both the strip clubs and future twerking videos. Bussa-Buss' 'Twerk It' is a self-explanatory song produced by Pharrell Williams.
Gay Slurs
Busta Rhymes is known for his rapid-fire rhymes, but his mouth may get him in trouble in Miami. According to Huffington Post, Bussa-Buss was spewing homophobic slurs at restaurant employees over condiments. Really, Busta?
Song Debut
Is it possible to create a classy song for the strip clubs? We think so after listening to T-Pain's new single, 'Come and Get It.' The slow burner features guest verses from rappers Ace Hood and Busta Rhymes.