Busta Rhymes finally drops his video for 'Twerk It,' his dancehall-inspired booty anthem. And yes, there are plenty of ladies twerking their butts to the wind-and-grind tune.

In the clip, directed by Mr. X, Bussa-Buss takes us to a dancehall party where he gives an unruly male patron a slap on the chin and commands all the "Big Booty Judys" to shake their, um, assets.

And yes, Nicki Minaj gets her twerk on and flexes her Jamaican patois. Producer Pharrell Williams, Tosh and DJ Khaled also make cameo appearances.

Busta even takes us back to the old school by wearing Dapper Dan-inspired captain hats and jackets. But we must also mention that the veteran rhymer sporadically turns into Venom from Spider-Man, which might not sit well with Marvel Comics.

Nevertheless, if you love big butts (and you can not lie!), there's plenty of rump-shaking going on in this sizzling video.

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