“Life is to be lived in three dimensions, not just the height and width of your computer screen," T.I. says during last night's episode of 'T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle.'

Worried that his little man Major was spending too much time playing video games and not enough time socializing with other kids, T.I. puts together a plan to get his son away from the controllers and around some other kids. A Harris man not sociable? T.I. isn't having it.

To make sure that his son doesn't turn out to be one of those dudes who's 40-years old in his basement, arguing with little kids online in Singapore while playing 'Call of Duty,' Tip has Major plan a play date with his friend Melo from school.

With the help of his dad, Major calls up his buddy Melo, who is the son of friend and fellow ATL rapper Rocko. Before Melo, his brother, and Rocko come over, T.I. is in the kitchen whipping up some snacks, teaching Major how to be a gracious host to your guests. The 'Ball' rhymer has everything a kid loves: cookies, cupcakes, jelly beans, gummy worms, and of course every kid's favorite, PB&J.

Kicking things off at the house, Major and Melo hang out before heading out to an indoor bounce castle with their dads. T.I. and Rocko reflect on how they didn't have any of this growing up, saying that they were lucky to even have an empty lot to play football in, or a milk crate nailed to a telephone pole to play basketball growing up in the hood. Everything goes well for the kids. They were having fun, and Major learned the importance of going out and playing with kids his own age.

"Its important to cultivate relationships at an early age. Many of the friends I had at Major's age are still my best friends to this day" T.I. states. Lesson learned.

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