This time on ‘T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle,’ Shekinah makes the mistake of saying that Tiny has an easy life and that she doesn't have to do much these days. Boy, was she wrong. After giving an explanation of what she has to take care of in the Harris home, Tiny challenges Shekinah to take care of the home and the kids for a day. This is where things get interesting.

Before taking all six kids to Kids Planet, a gigantic play area for kids -- equipped with human-sized clear, plastic bubbles to run on water with like Bubble Boy -- Shekinah struggled to get the kids ready, which might not be entirely her fault. Before everything started, Tiny and King plotted to make the day as difficult as possible for Shekinah -- tantrums, misbehaving, not listening, all sorts of stuff that'll make a southern grandmother make you go outside for a switch for.

While Shekinah and the kids were off to Kids Planet, Tiny and T.I. went out on a double date with friends for a day of private mini golf. The pleasures of being a rap star are on full display here. As any mother would, Tiny begins to worry about her friend and the kids but Tip gives her some sound advice saying, "Don’t worry about, Shekinah, don’t worry about King, ain’t nothing to worry, don’t worry about nothing but right here." Worrying about them isn't going to help, especially when T.I. is trying to win.

King was giving Shekinah a run for her money. Aside from disappearing on her at Kids Planet and leaving her worried about "losing a famous person's kid," King wouldn't listen to a word she said, giving her a firsthand view of what Tiny experiences on the regular. From licking bedposts to running around aimlessly, King definitely made the day hard for Shekinah, but she eventually got her footing at the parenting thing and took control of the situation, getting everyone back safely. Whoever said parenting was easy is a liar.

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