Robin Thicke gives all props to his beautiful wife, Paula Patton for helping him with his forthcoming album, 'Blurred Lines.'

Robin tells Billboard that his significant other  helped him select fun, upbeat tracks for the album.

"My wife and I would hang out at the end of the night, and I would play her the songs I was working on and we would dance around and be so happy," Robin says. "And then some of my sadder and more depressing songs would come on, and we would always want to go back to the top and keep dancing and having a good time."

The singer reveals that he created a project that would give listeners a way to ease their worries. "So I think I just ended up making an escape album," he shares. "I never plan it, but I think I did my best to make my wife and I have a chance to escape every night, and I felt like that made for a great album."

'Blurred Lines' drops July 30 and has already spawned the feel-good, No. 1 hit of the same name featuring T.I. and Pharrell.

Good job, Paula.

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