This is what a Joaquin Phoenix production sounds like, ladies and gentlemen. Pusha T raised a few eyebrows when he said the actor was producing a track for his forthcoming album earlier this summer. That track was 'King Push,' which serves as the opener to 'My Name Is My Name.' The song, co-produced by Kanye West, arrives today (Sept. 27) with an accompanying video.

'King Push' follows the same sense of aggression as 'Numbers on the Board.' This time, however, Pusha T trades in street-tested grit for a moment of self-coronation. This is conveyed by the production alone, which is marked by glitchy vocal samples, a manic bass line and a key line that feels like a portmanteau of 'Scarface' and 'Beetlejuice.'

The whole thing feels ominous, while Pusha T plays an omnipresent, coke-slinging lyricist as he name-drops Jay Z, Dame Dash and Billboard.

On the hook (or the stand in for the hook), he states, "I rap n--- about trap n----, I don't sing hooks." He doesn't need to in this condensed, hyper-focused realm.

The intensity is further expanded on in the video. It's a simple concept as Pusha T is seen rapping in a black room full or mirrors and then a starker white one after the instrumental breaks. But the MC looks especially venomous as he snarls his lines and moves in his isolated hubris.

'My Name Is My Name' is in stores Oct. 8.

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