For the fourth consecutive week, Cleveland's Machine Gun Kelly has come out victorious in the Rap Battle, where we take two new songs and let you decide which one advances to the next round to ultimately land in our Hall of Fame. Lyrics, production and artistry are all factors in the artist’s victory. Now with four wins under his belt, MGK's 'Started From the Bottom (Freestyle)' is the first song to enter the Rap Battle Hall of Fame.

Kelly’s ‘Started From the Bottom (Freestyle)’ took 85.13 percent of the vote and ultimately beat Pitbull's Miami-loving-Lil-Wayne-dissing track, 'Welcome 2 Dade County,' which only walked away with 14.87 percent.

Starting with a clean slate, this week's battle features Kid Cudi's' 'Immortal' and Papoose and Remy Ma's 'Whats My Name?'

'Whats My Name?' Papoose's track with his currently incarcerated fiance, Remy, is an unconventional love song. With lyrics structured as a conversation about their relationship, the rappers are honest with each other even if it's not necessarily the best topics to talk about.

“She said she love my nature / She don’t love me she love my gangster / She don’t love me she love my paper / Caught me creepin’ with the next door neighbor,” Papoose raps.

Meanwhile Cudi's 'Immortal' is off 'Indicud,' his new album set to release on April 23. The song is an anthem where Cudi uses his own experiences to make you feel like you can overcome your own trials. Sampling MGMT's 'Congratulations,' the song adds another eccentric layer that we tend to see from Cudi.

“I got my lion heart and electric flowing through my brain / Shocking waves make me feel I can float / It’s like the city is mine and the dark is my cave / I can’t explain this sudden peace in my walk,” he sings.

Will Kid Cudi's empowering track win the round? Or will Papoose and Remy Ma's honestly raw lyrics take the win? Vote for your favorite track in the poll below. Remember you can vote once per hour until the poll closes on Thurs., Mar. 14, at 10 a.m. ET.

Listen to Papoose's 'Whats My Name?' Feat. Remy Ma

Listen to Kid Cudi's 'Immortal'

Rules of Rap Battle
Two hip-hop artists compete against each other each week. The triumphant artist goes on to compete in the next Rap Battle. If an artist wins four straight Rap Battles, the song will be honored as immortal in Rap Battle Hall of Fame.