Papoose is out of control! After throwing verbal shots at Kendrick Lamar for his verse on Big Sean's 'Control,' he's now taking aim at the Detroit rapper on 'First Chain (Remix).' WTF?

Apparently, Pap is upset over Sean's remarks during an interview with the Breakfast Club morning show. When the 'Hall of Fame' rapper was asked, "Have you heard of Papoose," he said, "Who?"

In response, the New York rhymer gives Big Sean a verbal whipping calling his new album "trash" and making references to him and his mentor Kanye West wearing dresses together. It's quite hilarious.

"Gifted? / I shoot the verse, no curse / Every time they play 'Control' they skip your verse," he raps on the song, adding, "Little bitch, how much change you got in your purse / I'm about to lift your skirt."

Later, Papoose drops this hilarious zinger: "I figured out why you so skinny, then I got over it / Pusha must be selling the crack and you smokin' it / Anorexic describes the way that you spit / On your album cover it look like you taking a s---."

Elsewhere, Pap accuses Big Sean of stealing his entire rhyme style and fashion sense from New York. At the end, Papoose goes ballistic and spits some acidic lines that will definitely catch your attention.

We have to say we haven't heard Papoose go this hard on a song in quite a while. It would be interesting to see how Big Sean responds to this diss track.

Listen to Papoose's Diss Song 'First Chain (Remix)'

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