If there's anything people will be fiending over this summer, it's an icy cool treat. And Ne-Yo is one of those people.

Teaming up with frozen fruit bar company Fruttare, the 'Let Me Love You' singer will be hitting the studio with UK 'X Factor' alumna Cher Lloyd to write and record a new track, set to hit airwaves this summer. "I dug the [project]," he tells TheDrop.fm during a press conference today. "I'm a upbeat, glass half full kind of person. So the hashtag, 'It's all good,' and looking at the brighter side of things are how I've always been. So it just made sense to do a project like this. Plus, I really like popsicles."

The catch? Fans of both stars have the opportunity to give their ideas regarding summer, the "it's all good" lifestyle -- Fruttera's mantra -- and just anything positive via Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms to inspire the song. While Ne-Yo admits that this will be the first time he has fans throw ideas at him for a track, it's something that he is looking forward to.

"This is the first time I've reached out and allowed the fans to gives their ideas," he shares. "It will be interesting to read through whatever it is they're saying and to get the different bits and pieces from the different personalities and see what we come up with. I've never done this before. That's definitely what makes this [experience] different."

While this will be a new songwriting experience for Ne-Yo, one thing he claims to be a pro at is being active on the social networks, especially Instagram. "I'm a completely fake freelance photographer," he admits. "So I like taking pictures and finding cool ways to shows stuff."

He continues, "Twitter is cool, too. But I have a tendency to ramble, and there aren't enough characters for me."

Although Ne-Yo has been known to collaborate with a variety of artists including Mariah Carey, Carrie Underwood and the late Whitney Houston, this is the first time he has worked with Lloyd. "The first time I heard, 'Want U Back,' I really, really loved that song," he reveals. "I just dig her energy, and for this being what it is, it just made perfect sense for us to get together. Her positive energy, my positive energy -- and besides, we like popsicles!"

Meanwhile, the British singer is excited to collaborate with Ne-Yo as she's a fan. "I'm excited to get into the studio with Ne-Yo," she admits. "I grew up listening to [his] music. I did! And I haven't been doing this very long. It's only been two years, and I've barely scratched the surface. So being part of something like this is a big deal to me."

Starting today (April 10) through May 20, fans can log onto Fruttare's Facebook fan page to share their ideas as well as submit song inspirations using the hashtag #ItsAllGood on Twitter or Instagram. The two artists will then perform the socially-inspired song live at the iHeart Radio Music Festival on Sept. 20 and 21 in Las Vegas.

Ne-Yo isn't a stranger to brand partnerships. He teamed up with Malibu rum on a new flavor called, Malibu Red, which tied in with the release of his latest LP, 'R.E.D.,' last year.

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