A month after Ne-Yo and Cher Lloyd recorded and released 'It's All Good' for frozen fruit bar company Fruttare, they debut a music video for the track, giving what originally sounded like a promo song for some icy treat a bit more depth.

"We want people to hear this song," the singer and songwriter said in the video. "And literally, one or two listens in, you're hooked."

While the visual looks more like a mash-up of the behind-the-scenes footage and retrospectives of the track and clips of the final visual, they seem to be pieced together in a way that will give you a sense of how carefree the song is.

From making funny faces in front of the camera to playing around in a park with umbrellas, Ne-Yo shows off his lighthearted side -- something we don't get to see as often when he's trying to woo a girl with one of his big-time love songs.

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