Nas and his attorneys are asking a judge to throw out a $10 million lawsuit filed by a promoter who was kidnapped because the rapper didn't show up for a concert.

The suit stems from an incident in which Nas was a no-show for a concert in the South African nation of Angola in December 2011. Promoter Patrick Allocco claims that he paid the Queens rapper a $300,000 advance for a New Year's Day show. When Nas didn't appear, Allocco canceled the concert.

Then, in a shocking turn of events, Angolan promoters kidnapped Allocco and held him at gunpoint for 50 days until they got their money back. He was eventually freed after Nas returned the money.

Nas' attorneys filed court papers on April 29 to have the lawsuit thrown out since they resolved the matter already. According to them, Allocco agreed that he wouldn't sue Nas if he return the upfront money -- which he did. Furthermore, the 'One Mic' emcee said it's the promoter's fault that he got kidnapped because he knew what kind of men he was dealing with.

Nas also explained why he didn't show up for the gig in the first place. He claimed it was because Allocco provided inadequate security, screwed up the plane tickets and sent the $300,000 advance way too late.

Well, if that's the case, then why did Nas accept the money? Hmmm?

Allocco and his attorneys had no comment on Nas' countersuit.

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