Schedule conflicts have delayed hearings in the case of a breach-of-contract lawsuit filed against Nas for $10 million by a concert promoter last year.

Patrick Alloco, CEO of Allgood Entertainment, was held in Angola for 49 days for fraud charges after Nas did not show up for a 2012 New Year's Eve performance in Luanda, Angola. Alloco had booked the rapper to take the stage, according to

Nas returned the $300,000 he was paid for the concert but Alloco filed a lawsuit in Manhattan Federal Court in December 2012. Attorneys for both parties were set to have a conference on April 2, but scheduling conflicts have caused a delay. Jonathan Davis, Nas' lawyer, plans to request that the lawsuit be dismissed.

In February 2012, Nas spoke to about the disagreement and said he had no choice to pull out as Alloco did not come through on his part of the deal.

"Basically, he was a promoter that I never worked with, and he wanted me to come to Africa for New Year's, which, for me, I thought, would be the best way to spend New Year's," Nas said. "The business wasn't handled. There was nothing sent to me, and there were no flights. By the time he did send money -- he did eventually send money to me -- but it was too late to go. I didn't even have a visa to get in the country. So that's canceled, the show's canceled."

The promoter says he lost $75,000 after the 'Illmatic' emcee pulled out of the show -- Alloco claims he owes another promoter by the name of Henrique "Riquhino" Miguel that money and also owes the U.S. government money he was loaned to buy plane tickets out of Angola. In addition, Alloco is claiming that his son suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder after being detained along with him.

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