Kendrick's done it; so has Cassidy and probably every other rapper in their careers. And now Meek Mill joins the bandwagon with his own version.

Instead of directing the lyrics to anyone in particular, the Maybach Music Group rapper puts it all out there to anyone who has anything against him. Whether it's the guys who think they're better than him or the women who just want to use him, it doesn't matter because he's in this game to make the money.

"And it made me, wanna s--- on ya'll n----s / 'Cause lately, I ain't been feelin' ya'll n----s / Try and play me, I drop a brick on ya'll n----s / And make em go crazy, on every single one of ya'll n----s straight up / And all these hoes wanna fuck with a n---- like me / But when I was locked down ain't none of these hoes write me / That's why I don't chase bitches 'cause the money only thing excite me / And I don't f--- with new n----s all day one n----s beside me," he spits on the mic.

'Make Me' is the latest track off his long-awaited 'Dreamchasers 3' mixtape, which drops Sept. 29.

Listen to Meek Mill's 'Make Me'