When Mary J. Blige dropped her second LP, 'My Life,' in 1994, she showed the same sensibilities found on her debut, 'What's the 411?' The singer continued to spearhead an entirely new subgenre -- Hip-Hop Soul. It's uncertain whether or not that's what she intended to do but 'My Life' definitely set a standard for all other R&B singers who watched hip-hop grow from parties in city parks to concerts at arenas. While Blige's music had street flavor, she managed to maintain the bluesy soul of conventional R&B. Songs like 'You Bring Me Joy' pinpointed the ups of new love while the title track was melancholy and somber. Somehow both songs found their place on the same album and it worked, making Mary J. Blige's 'My Life' one of the most legendary albums of the 1990s.


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