When Mack Wilds told TheDrop.fm that he was ready to bring his music to the masses, he wasn't kidding. The singer debuts the music video for his single, 'Own It,' today.

The visual kicks off with a breakup that doesn't seem to phase Wilds too much. He and his boys get together to finish their graffiti work on a wall. He then travels through different neighborhoods in New York, showing his love for the city by including aerial views of the World Trade Center and bridges.

There is a homey feel to the 'Own It' clip with the congregation of people who join him during parts of his performance. At the end of the video, Wilds meets up with the same girl who dumped but she runs away like she did in the beginning.

Aside from revealing the New York City theme to his upcoming album, 'New York: A Love Story,' he explains what his definition of "owning it" is.

"Manning up to it," he says. "Whatever it is you want to do, whether it’s play basketball, whether it’s doing graffiti, making clothes, even putting clothes, it’s something you have to own. You have to be behind it 200 percent. You’re putting yourself out there so you have to own it.”

'New York: A Love Story' arrives Sept. 17.

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