On the new episode of 'Love & Hip Hop,' things start off with Yandy confronting her boyfriend Mandeeces about fighting her cousin, Maurice.

"This is my family!" she reiterates. "If you want to be apart of this family, that’s something that you’ve got to fix." Mandeeces eventually apologizes to her cousin, but only after a few nudges from Yandy and his rapper friend Vado.

Kaylin also apologizes to Tahiry about their incident before Joe Budden's concert. They actually talk things out without wine glasses breaking and tables being thrown over. But Tahiry really wants that feature from Joe on her record 'Devil,' so she's going to play the game to get what she wants.

Later, Lore'l and Winter meet up and go hang out at a bar. Since Lore'l cut ties with Angela Yee regarding a management role -- they're still friends -- Winter has been trying to get her put on with a new manager. “Don’t worry about that, I’m going to set you up,” Winter promises her.

Also Winter's tell-all book, 'Game Over,' is coming out soon and she is having a reading for it. Before the event, she speaks with Yandy privately to ask her to manage Lore'l and she's open to the opportunity. She also tells Yandy more info about her book. You would think Winter is changing names to protect some of the relationships she details, but nope that's not happening. "You breaking the code," Yandy tells her.

For some reason Winter is fine with taking risks even if it means putting her own so-called friends out there. She shocks everyone at the reading when she reads a chapter about Lore'l, putting her on blast for being an easy woman who "sleeps with millionaires" for free. This ends with Lore'l confronting her. Winter's best excuse it that "legally" she didn't have to tell her. Wow.

In other news, Rich Dollaz's mentor Peter Gunz and his business manager mom, Jewel, both tell him the jig is up for Erica Mena. “Dollaz you slipping baby, you buggin out,” P tells him. "This girl is dangerous, Richard,” his mother agrees. "She doesn't need a manager. She needs a psychiatrist." Wow, she called him Richard, you know she's serious.

With the truth laid out on the table, Rich cuts her off romantically -- first. "I’m taking you off the hook," he said to her. "We can no longer move forward in our personal." But previews for the next episode show there might be so more snips happening business-wise.

In Jen and Consequence's world, they're past the Raqi situation and they can move focus on their home life. They're looking for a babysitter for their son. After going through a group of interesting personalities, they get close to hiring a young woman, referred to by Jen's sister-in-law. Jen is sold, but Cons is not so quick to sign on the dotted line. We feel like something may come up with this girl, but who knows.

Until next time.

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