On this episode of 'Love & Hip Hop,' Erica Mena is desperate to get that old thing back. She wants Rich Dollaz to continue managing her so she goes to Yandy for advice. “Whose gonna fight for you?” Yandy asks her. “You need him more than he needs you. Show him you’re worth every bit of a chance. Swallow your pride and go back to your manager.”

Erica takes her advice and dresses up in sexy lingerie to seduce Rich into having her way. “I realize that yeah I love that guy and I need that guy and when I’m not with you it bothers me,” she says sweet-talking him. Then she undresses herself. "I’m on a mission and until the mission is complete I don’t care what he thinks."

But Rich's mother sees right through the nonsense. “Erica you’re good at saying what you need to say. I don’t know if I’m convinced,” she tells her at dinner.

Tahiry’s mother comes to visit her. They have a great relationship, which she says is “just like talking to your best friend.” The conversation turns from light to heavy when they bring up Tahiry’s father, who was a rolling stone. “I can’t trust any man today," Tahiry says. “My dad was not faithful to my mom." Her mother starts crying as Tahiry speaks on her dad forging her mother’s signature to get a divorce. "You have to talk to your father. That’s the only way you can fix this," her mother tells her.

Later on, Tahiry holds a fundraiser for a charity she has to help children in the Dominican Republic. Joe Budden invites himself to the event and says he would "support" when she goes to confront her father in D.R. Joe also drops her some money. These two never quit.

And Mandeecees is really wifing Yandy. “Yandy is like a different type of breed,” he tells his friend Vado, whom he goes to clear his mind with on the matter. Mandeecees is afraid if he messes up again he will never get Yandy back. “But we them dudes, she ain't never gonna leave,” says Vado -- or maybe not. Vado then gets serious and advises Mandeecees to go to Yandy’s mother and speak to her -- this way Yandy will no longer doubt him wanting to marry her.

Mandeecees plans a day to spend with Yandy’s mother and his family. He then pulls her to the side and lets her know he’s serious about her daughter. “I don’t know you well,” Yandy's mother admits. “I’m scared you would judge me for the things I’ve been through in my past,” Mandeecees says to her. “I can’t judge you for what you've done because I have a prior life myself,” Yandy’s mother admits. They both agree that they will work on opening up to each other more. With that green light, Mandeecees goes to buy the ring.

Mandeecees takes Yandy to see a house with plans to propose. “This place is amazing,” Yandy says smiling. "The check is already written so if you like it it’s yours," Mandeecees says in award-winning fashion. He eventually gets down on bended knee. “Are you serious? I love you!” Yandy exclaims. She says yes.

Meanwhile, Raqi wants her career back and goes back to Ebro, Hot 97's Program Director, to discuss her show again. But he doesn't like the fact that she has severed relationships in the business. “I have the drive,” Raqi says. But Ebro isn't buying just her drive. “You should go fix those relationships,” he says. Ebro wants her to interview Joe and pitch her show that way. Raqi goes back to Joe humbly, apologizes and asks him to do the interview with her. But he demands that she apologize to Tahiry first.

The show starts to get weird when Olivia meets up with a chick named Tiffany who dated Rich in the past. She has something to tell Olivia. "I hung out with Erica, spying for Rich and was reporting information for him," Tiffany begins.

She also admits to sleeping with Erica. But now Tiffany is in love with Rich and Erica doesn't know any of this is going down. “Does Rich have like a gold-tip d---?” Olivia asks. She's completely puzzled by why these chicks are going crazy over him. She continues, “I’m going to be honest with you, Rich is not settling down with nobody.”

“He will settle down with me,” says Tiffany. We’ll see.

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